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The gay Ugandan church seeks to spread an alternative gospel of love and acceptance for all. On this particular Sunday, it is the memorial of David Kato, a gay rights activist who was murdered in 2011. So the numbers are bigger than usual. When the church was started by Bishop Christopher Senyonjo (who has since been thrown out of the Anglican Church for ministering to gay people), the gay community in Uganda attended devotedly. But with arrests and growing anti-gay sentiments, threats to their lives and arrests, fewer and fewer people come to the church.

"Our numbers have reduced ever since we started in 2008," Denis, the chaplain and a primary school teacher, tells me. "It is worse now that the bill has been passed." If Denis’s employees knew of his orientation or his calling, he would certainly lose his job. "This is the only place we can feel at home. Here we can worship God without feeling guilty or fearing persecution."

Joining a gay congregation in Uganda is risky but Onziema says it is necessary in a society that greatly values community. For on Sundays, when many Ugandans spend time with their families, most gay people have nowhere to go. “Coming here lets us know that we are not alone and gives us the strength to continue the struggle,” Onziema says.

You can see both hope and fear in the eyes of the congregation as they read Bible verses proclaiming God’s protection over them and sing “What a friend we have in Jesus”.

Inspirational read on the Guardian today about a non-discriminatory church in Uganda where identifying or being labelled as gay carries a death sentence.


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After his show in Aberystwyth last Thursday, Reginald D Hunter was confronted on Facebook by an audience member who accused him of revelling in “misogyny and violence”. Jo Cooper, a woodlands project manager from Machynlleth, claimed to have walked out of the gig, which she called a “rambling, offensive, arrogant mess”. Not a man to take criticism lying down, the comedian wrote: “I am pleased that my performance hurt you last night. You, and the rest of the bitches of your ilk… the ones who never want to solve issues, just have them, the ones who destructively presume to speak for all of femininity, but only do for a few … tell them that I am coming to intellectually and emotionally mutilate their collective, dumb, divisive asses, too.” Cooper later told the Cambrian News that fans of Hunter had levelled dozens of death threats at her. A debate on the comedian’s response to the incident rages on the star’s Facebook page.

Brian Logan’s Comedy roundup on the Guardian.

On the line with my mate last night, conversing in such a way that risked ‘loosing our feminist card’, we agreed ‘fuck liberal feminism’. If your feminism doesn’t include all genders/sexes, all religions, all socio-economic statuses, all races - fuck your feminism.

I like Hunter; I think he’s pretty funny, particularly on 8 Out of 10 Cats, but I don’t know what he was saying when Cooper walked out. I agree with the overall message Hunter replied, but, really Facebook? Death threats? What is wrong with you people?!


'100 Women: Zainab Bangura says father wanted her to marry at 12

Zainab Bangura, the UN special representative on sexual violence in conflict, has told the 100 Women conference that great strides have been made in the position of women - in politics, business and daily life - over the past 100 years, but there is more to be done.

She spoke of her own experience in Sierra Leone where she and her mother were thrown out by her father after she refused to be married off aged 12.

She said: “We must have access to education, we must be fully represented in politics… we must be equal under the law.”’

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When I'm talking to the patriarch:

  • me: because you're a land baron from the future?
  • them: (eye roll)
  • me: well...what do you want me to say: that you appear very uncomfortable with women who may threaten any presumed superiority you hold about yourself?
  • them: (silence)
  • me: yep.

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Follow our live coverage of the day and share your pictures and video with us - click on the picture for more (via One Billion Rising – live coverage | Society |

Amazing photos and coverage - a must see.


Follow our live coverage of the day and share your pictures and video with us - click on the picture for more (via One Billion Rising – live coverage | Society |

Amazing photos and coverage - a must see.

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Great read. My partner and I’s story has yet to be played out, as he’s currently in the 3rd year of sacrificing his career as a satellite engineer so that I can obtain my doctorate (with another year to go). Here’s one thing that’s absolutely true about work and marriage: when you’re married, you make trade offs, and mostly this means one sacrifices while another gains. No matter how you determine who sacrifices and who gains, you always hope you’ve made the right decision based on complete gender equality - an equality that does not reflect the reality of the professional world, especially in the case of academia.


My youngest brother was born with health complications that made it necessary to have one parent caring for him full-time. My mother assumed this role, and never returned back to work full-time once her maternity leave was finished, in order to care for my brother. This decision made sense…

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